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Kirai ja nai...

"I don't hate it"

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I am a college student working towards a career in marine mammal research.
I am a self-professed anime/manga otaku and video gamer.
I am the oldest of more siblings than I care to count.
I am a writer who has very little time to write.
I am better than average at art and my media of choice are pastels and watercolors.
I like the way water is depicted in traditional Japanese art.
I love rock music in all languages.
I know just enough about computers to know when I can't fix them through trial and error.
I love poetry and calculus equally.
I love the water.
I like cicadas and pug dogs.
I can speak enough Japanese to carry on a baisic conversation.
I like Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food.
I don't like extremists... religious, political or otherwise.
I think extremists make the normal people who lean towards them look bad.
I prefer staying up until dawn and sleeping past noon.
I have to have a live plant in my room.
I procrastinate sometimes and over-achieve others.